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Our Mission

We empower girls by teaching them the digital skills they need to be successful as a global citizen. In our increasingly digital world, the ability to navigate technology is crucial for academic and economic advancement.

Our Program

Our Digital Literacy Partner

Our Digital Literacy Partner

We use a “gamified learning” approach to engage and build relationships while focusing on:

  • Computer basics

  • Productivity tools

  • Digital Safety & Digital Lifestyles

  • Intro to Programming

Critical thinking and problem-solving through hands-on and minds-on programming and fundamentals of technology. Our program is thoughtfully designed to teach various levels of digital literacy and are tailored to meet the needs of all of our students. We teach our curriculum in-person at our partner organizations versus delivering over the internet to ensure each student receives one-on-one mentoring. Our team uses internet based teaching tools, educational robots, and MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Courses) to work with the girls.

Topics of Study



  • FUN-damentals of computers

  • Hands-on interactive engagement covering computer basics and the importance of digital literacy


  • Hands-on training for productivity tools and applications to be used at school, home, and work


  • Teaching healthy digital lifestyles and online safety

  • Implementing computing technology to help youth make better choices for themselves

  • Providing students with knowledge on potential career options in the digital space

  • Making students aware of how career choices shape life choices


  • Teaching logical and analytical skills through programming

  • Developing persistence and perseverance required for problem solving

  • Introducing and generating interest in computer science through gamified learning and drag-and-drop programming

Our Leaders

Sahana Mantha

Sahana Mantha

Shreya Mantha

Shreya Mantha

Our Team

Jack Spence

Jack Spence

Sailesh Mantha - Digital Literacy Team Leader

Sailesh Mantha - Digital Literacy Team Leader

Cymone Butler

Cymone Butler