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Foundation For Girls offers a variety of financial programs to help girls and youth develop their financial literacy & build financial independence. Each 90-minute class is a stepping stone to developing their knowledge of financial products, tools, and pit-falls; practicing skills that lead to healthy money management and hearing practical advice.

Why focus on teen and young adult financial literacy?  

We know that knowledge of personal finance and the ability to apply that knowledge to their own lives sets young adults on a path for success and contributes favorably to their emotional and financial well-being. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's September 2016 report, Building Blocks to Help Youth Achieve Financial Capability, states adults need financial knowledge and skills, access to resources, and the capacity to apply their money skills and habits to financial decisions in order to effectively navigate the financial marketplace.  Foundation for Girls' Financial Well-being program aims to build the financial capability of the youth we serve.  The curriculum provides comprehensive personal finance content with hands on activities and real life scenarios, all delivered by experienced financial professionals who guide participants through the workshop topics. (Learn more about the CFPB Building Blocks model and recommendations here.)


Liz Mockler

Finance Program Leader

 Liz Mockler, Anu Mantha and Shreya Mantha, Founder, at First Annual Holiday Event of Foundation For Girls.

Liz Mockler, Anu Mantha and Shreya Mantha, Founder, at First Annual Holiday Event of Foundation For Girls.

A native of Stonington, Connecticut, Liz received a B.S. degree in Finance from the University of Connecticut School of Business.  While in Connecticut she completed studies to become a certified financial planner and worked more than 15 years in a variety of banking roles, including Relationship Manager for Corporate and Private Banking, Area and Banking Center Manager in Retail Banking, and Manager of Corporate Underwriting and Documentation.  In Charlotte, Liz spent 10+ years with Bank of America, primarily as a Senior Vice President managing strategic initiatives for Finance and Technology and Operations. She enjoys singing with her church choir, travel, fine dining & wine, and spending time with her husband and adult daughter.

"I start with the presentation and class activities, but this often leads to tangential discussions, based upon the young women's questions and comments. In a recent class on banking, clients were learning about maintaining a transaction record, knowing and understanding their available balance, minimizing fees by avoiding check cashing stores and using ATMs not affiliated with your bank, using direct deposit for convenience and full access to your funds, etc....The clients were honest about their habits: 1 of 9 tracked her transactions and balance, one mentioned regularly paying fees to use a gas station ATM just for convenience, another preferred to pay a fee to cash her paycheck rather than wait one day for all of her balance to be available at her bank. This led to a discussion about wealth accumulation. How do those living paycheck to paycheck accumulate wealth to achieve their goals? What small steps can each of us take to avoid expenses and save some money? People who save, watch all their expenses and where they can save, they do. Little by little it accumulates and over time you'll have enough to reach your goal... My approach is informative and caring, the same way I would counsel my daughter, a friend, or my sister."


"Thank you so very much for all that you do to help the ladies of Redeeming Joy, they came back from the class encouraged and excited about their futures." 
- Lanie George, Founder and Executive Director, Redeeming Joy

"The girls really enjoyed this workshop."
- Alisha Jeter, Vocational Coordinator, Florence Crittenton Services


"Thank you for continuing to come out and serve our young adults. We greatly appreciate it!"  
- Chiquita Patterson, Program Supervisor, On Ramp, The Relatives

"I heard from both young adults and our intern that the (Renting) workshop was great and had lots of helpful information! Thank you so much....We’re looking forward to the next workshop!" 
- Amy Rose, Transition Coordinator, On Ramp, The Relatives


 "The Financial Well-being Workshops are chock-full of practical information that will help clients navigate the financial world in order to become self-sufficient. Liz Mockler comes from a position of deep knowledge, and through her calming demeanor, she actively engages clients. It is magical to watch the young women relate to her sessions, as evidenced by their unsolicited sharing of personal experiences on any given topic. What they take away from these workshops will serve them their entire lives, making this service provided by Foundation for Girls invaluable."
- Janet Ganoung, member of Foundation for Girls Board of Directors, and Financial Well-being workshop volunteer

 Carolina Low, Foundation For Girls' newest Financial Program team member

Carolina Conley

Finance Program Team Member

Carolina Conley is relatively new to Charlotte, having recently moved from Dallas, Texas.  She works as a Senior Consultant for NTTData and has had experience in Financial and Economic Development endeavors. FFG is thrilled to have Carolina on our Financial Well-being team, as she brings years of  active volunteer experience and is a fluent Spanish speaker.

Terry Bauer-Brown photo-smaller.jpg

Terry Bauer-Brown

Finance Program Team Member

Terry Bauer-Brown developed and facilitates Foundation for Girls' Career Planning workshops.  Ms. Bauer-Brown is a NBPTS certified counselor with 30+ years of experience working with high school and middle school students in North Carolina and South Carolina.  In her free time, Terry enjoys singing in her church choir and riding motorcycles with her husband.

Leslie Church - Foundation For Girls Financial Team Member

Leslie Church

Finance Program Team Member

Leslie Church is a mortgage professional with more than 25 years experience. She specializes in first-time buyer programs, including FHA, VA, and USDA Rural Housing. Leslie provides credit counseling services to clients participating in our Borrowing Basics and Renting classes.

Kaitlyn Harrow - Foundation For Girls Finance Team Member

Kaitlyn Harrow

Finance Program Team Member

Kaitlyn Harrow is currently an Analyst at Wells Fargo Securities in Charlotte, NC. She received her Master of International Business and B.S. in Finance from the University of Florida. Kaitlyn enjoys running, practicing new languages, and reading about personal finance in her spare time!

Angelica Figueroa - Foundation For Girls Finance Team Member

Angelica Figueroa

Finance Program Team Member

Angelica Figueroa is a bilingual speaking certified Accel Financial Coach with Sharonview Federal Credit Union with 20+ years of experience in the financial industry. Angelica partners with organizations to provide financial wellness education and resources to better enhance the financial well-being of  members of our communities.  Angelica conducts Identity Theft Protection workshops for Foundation for Girls as well as programming designed for children.  In her free time she enjoys yoga and spending quality time with her family.