Every Interaction Counts

Our work is an ongoing journey. While we have short-term goals, we know this work will take decades. Our goal is to reach 2,600 youth by 2020 and enable economic opportunity placement for 1,400. By the end of June 2019, we have impacted over 2,050 girls since our inception in December 2014 while conducting over 350 workshops and logging 16,000 total hours of coaching and training to support these girls.



We measure our qualitative impact in 5 ways:

  1. Positive interactions that build trust and create stable, caring relationships

  2. Improved financial wellness, leadership, and digital skills

  3. Access to quality coaches, peers, and professionals

  4. Improved emotional well-being and self-confidence

  5. A sense of purpose and the courage and knowledge to attain their goals


We help girls with: 




We enable:

Access to Opportunities

Awareness of Self

Active Aspiration 

We provide:

Caring Coaches

Consistent Presence

Critical Discussions

We focus on the qualitative impact as well as capture the quantitative results. However, when you are nurturing a vulnerable girl like a surrogate parent, a peer, a friend, a sister or a brother, you have to fulfill the present needs and hope you have sowed seeds for tomorrow. Today counts to build bridges for the future.
— Shreya Mantha, Founder, Foundation For Girls

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