Every Interaction Counts

We measure our impact in 5 ways:

  1. The quality of interactions with the girls and youth.

  2. Improved financial Wellness, leadership, Digital Literacy skills.

  3. access to quality coaches, peers, and professionals.

  4. improved emotional Well-being and self-confidence.

  5. a sense of purpose and a feeling that someone is willing to listen and cares for them.


We help youth with: 




We enable:

Access to Opportunities

Awareness of Self

Active Aspiration 

We provide:

Caring Coaches

Consistent Presence

Critical Discussions

We focus on qualitative impact as well as capture the quantitative results. However, when you are nurturing a youth like a surrogate parent, a peer, a friend, a sister or a brother, you have to fulfill the present needs and hope you have sowed seeds for tomorrow. Today counts to build bridges for the future.
— Shreya Mantha, Founder, Foundation For Girls

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