Welcome To

Ek Parivar's 

Garba for Charity 2018


"A Night of Kindness"


Foundation For Girls

A youth-led social venture that endeavors to change the life trajectory for at-risk girls and youth through programs in Financial Wellness, Leadership, Digital Literacy, and Health & Well-Being

100% of all event donations will go directly to empower at-risk girls and youth in the greater Charlotte area through skills-based programming


All event contributions and donations will be matched by KarePartners our Health & Well-Being Program Supporter


Saturday, October 13, 2018

5:00 PM to 11:00 PM

British International School of Charlotte: 7000 Endhaven Lane Charlotte, NC, 28277 United States (map)

Please bring your own dandiya and cash - pizza and Indian street food will be available for purchase


When posting images and videos on Social Media please use our hashtags: 

#CLTGarbaForCharity  #FoundationForGirls  #KindnessMatters  #NightOfKindness


WE HAVE REACHED OUr venue capacity and are no longer ACCEPTING RSVp’s.

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Guest List

Ekta Shah (4) - $200
Looking forward to a fun evening supporting this amazing youth-led organization!

Shivani Mehta (4) - $100
A culture of kindness and kindness towards our culture combined in a beautiful event that celebrates both of these important life necessities! “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” ― Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Ankita Modi (5) - $250
We are so excited to support this incredible organization and can’t wait to celebrate Navratri with everyone! #CLTgarbaforcharity #kindnessmatters

Sweta Patel (4) - $250
Everyone has potential, everyone deserves a chance for success. -Sandeep and Sweta Patel

Sheetal Ghelani (4) - $160
Looking forward to a night of celebrating this cause!

Gemini Patel (4) - $150
Thank you for hosting this event again this year. Your time and effort towards this is very gracious. We are also very proud of these inspiring, young girls who are out there to make a difference. Heros in everyday life...

Digna Raj (8) - $200
Proud to support this charity. Will be a great evening with our friends in the community!

Pinky-Hiren Patel (4) - $150
In a world full of people who couldn't care less, be someone who couldn't care more...

Bejal Mehta (4) - $150
What a great charity you all have picked this year.

Nehali Saraiya (4) - $150
Thanks for organizing a great event for a great charity.

Ankita Baxi (0) - $100
I'm so impressed by the work Foundation for Girls does. Keep it up!

Stuti Patel (3) - $200
Looking forward to celebrating a wonderful cause with great friends!

Ekta Patel (4) - $150
No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted…
Looking forward to celebrating this cause.

James O'Brien (5) - $200
Thank you for doing this!

Tejal Vemuri (4) - $150
Thank you for organizing a wonderful charitable event.

Sejal Desai (4) - $150
Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. -Lao Tzu

Shachi Seth (4) - $100
Looking forward to supporting a great cause and exposing our children to our culture at the same time!

Anand Jobanputra (4) - $151
Looking forward to celebrating for a great cause.

Ruchi Agrawal (4) - $150
Great cause, looking forward to a fun evening!

Shilpa Kathrotia (4) - $101
We are excited to be apart of this great charity event.

Preeti Deshmukh (6) - $150
Many thanks for putting together such a fun event for a great cause!

Hemi Shah (4) - $100
Looking forward to this event and supporting this charity!

Amarja Webb (2) - $50

Shalini Patel (4) - $150
If we can help even one youth change her path for the future, it is a successful venture and I applaud the 2 girls for the work on this foundation!

Gita Mistry (4) - $100
Happy to be supporting a fabulous cause, looking forward to the evening.

Sonal Thekdi (4) - $150
Happy to support this wonderful charity created by these dynamic young women!

Rita Patel (4) - $100
Thank you for putting together this fun event for such a great cause! It's so great to see our youth doing such amazing acts of kindness!

Paulomi Campbell (4) - $200
Looking forward to supporting this wonderful cause.

Shital Desai (4) - $100
Looking forward to a fun night dedicated to such a worthy cause! "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

Nirav and Ekata Shah (5) - $300
Thank you very much for the invitation!

Vani Gopalareddy (2) - $50
Great work !!

Roshni Patel (7) - $200
Lovely cause! Happy to help support! Thank you for organizing this garba event!! Always enjoy coming out to it, and I know the kids enjoy it too! Mad respect for keeping the cultural connections strong for the next gen!

Giraju Patel (2) - $200
Great work. We are proud of you!!

Ankur Shah (4) - $150
Looking forward to having a great celebration with a great community of friends!

Charlene Gandhi (4) - $100
Looking forward to a night filled with love and inspiration !

Shilpa Parikh (3) - $101
Looking forward to this event supporting a great cause!

Khyati Shah (3) - $100
An amazing cause and very inspirational too!! Looking forward for a fun night with community friends and family with a great meaning to it!! Thank you Ek Parivar!!

Rachana Patel (1) - $100
Looking forward to this magical night, Ek Parivar!

Smiresh Shah (4) - $101
Looking forward to another great and meaningful event.

Sheetal Khiani (4) - $100
Ecstatic to be supporting a foundation promoting BRAVE and POWERFUL Girls! Wonderful event.

Apur Kamdar (6) - $201
Wonderful cause! Looking forward to attending and supporting another great event!

Nidhie Dhiman (1) - $100
Such an amazing cause! Beautiful to see our future generation making such a positive impact now! To the organizers - thank you for all you do!

Keya Bhatt (2) - $50
Looking forward to it.

AJ Shah (8) - $251
Great event!

Vaibhavi Bhakta (3) - $100
Looking forward to the event and supporting a great cause.

Kuntal Lala (4) - $100
What an amazing organization! We look forward to celebrating the evening.

Rina Patel (4) - $101
thanks for the invite.

Leena Patel (4) - $101
We appreciate you organizing a fun event for a great cause. Thank you.

Rakesh Patel (4) - $101
Looking forward to it!!!

Hetal Patel (3) - $75
Thank you for allowing us to donate to a great cause.

Asha Nataraja (4) - $100
We love this event and love how community comes together for a great cause while utilizing the best of the culture.

Yamini and Harshna Patel (2) - $101
Thank you

Rupa Pandoria (1) - $25
Empowering young girls can be life changing. Well done!

Bijal Shah (4) - $100
Thank you Ek Parivar for hosting this event.

Vineet Korrapati (4) - $100
Thank you Ek Parivar for your hard work. Looking forward to celebrating and supporting a great cause.

Satya Patel (3) - $100
Looking forward to a fun event for a great cause!

Sushma Maramraj (4) - $150
Thank you for organizing for a great cause.

Amisha Amin (5) - $125
Great work Ek Parivar!

Kusum Mishra (3) - $75
This is a great event and we hope it brings awareness to the community.

Nita Patel (2) - $50
We just love the charity graba. What a great thing you all are doing. Those girls need someone to care for them and be their voice. It feels good to be able to help them in whatever way we can.

Mona Shah (4) - $150
What an amazing organization - proud to support such a wonderful cause!

Priti Patel (2) - $50

Deanna Jain (4) - $100
We are so excited to be joining you all! Thanks so much for the invitation!

Swati Adawadkar (6) - $150
Looking forward to a fun night supporting a great cause!

Ashok Shah (2) - $50

Nissa Damani (3) - $75
Thank you for the opportunity to support this great charity.

Parag Butala (4) - $100
Can’t wait for another wonderful event for a wonderful cause! Thanks for organizing!

Chandranayan Baxi - $51

Sandhya Galivity (4) - $100

Anjana Patel - $51