Thank you all so much! You’re a life changer.
— Diamond Williams

Thank you for all you do for the girls in our Florence Crittenton Services Program. You are a light that is shining and brightening the lives of everyone you touch. I am grateful for you and the FFG Family!
— Gayle Butterfield - Program Director, Florence Crittenton Services, Charlotte, North Carolina
I’ve acquired life participating skills from their programs including Health and Well-Being, Self-Awareness and Financial Literacy. They have good coaches who have daughters and know how to work with girls.

Growing up I didn’t experience stable living arrangements, my dream is to own my own home to make sure my daughter doesn’t have to go through my same phase so the Financial Literacy programmed with helping me plan and budget and steps it takes to being a home owner. I currently reside in my own apartment home with my 9 month old daughter and if it wasn’t for the resources and information that Foundation For Girls (FFG) provided I’m not sure how I could’ve done this alone. Shreya’s FFG is an empowering and kind foundation serving girls and changing lives.

I never hesitate to reach back out if I need help or guidance. I know they want to help and there is always someone I can simple text, call or email and they always reach back out. Shreya and FFG builds relationships.
— Diamond Williams (Program Participant)
As I told from the beginning the consistency is the key. They have now become programmed to study on Wednesday because subconsciously they know they are supposed to meet up with you. She chose to do her homework on her own and unsupervised.

Again remember you are teaching them to adjust to something different. Studying wasn’t something that was encouraged at home or they haven’t been stable long enough in a home, school, or with a family to truly understand the fact that tests are passed based on both the investment make inside as well as outside of the classroom. The goal is to continue to show them they matter in all environments and their pasts are their catalyst, not their hindrance.

You keep up the good work and remember you are planting seeds which you water every week.
— Brian Gunter, Director of Operations MYM Charlotte (During our early start in 2015)
“Whilst dissecting every shortcoming and micromanaging the emotional and mental onslaught thereof; I fail to recognize anything I deem leadership worthy. There is an old gospel song called “Too Close To The Mirror”. The chorus of it reads: “I guess I’m too close to the mirror to see what you see, why you shower down your blessing, your blessings on me. It’s not anything I’ve done Lord as far as I can see, I guess I’m too close to the mirror to see what you see in me.

I want to thank you from every atom of my being for bearing witness to qualities of which I can seldom testify to myself. You have helped me reignite a zeal and hopefulness in parts of me that have long waned. “
— Shameka Lockett (Program Participant)